Ribbon Pakoda

Ribbon Pakoda is a South Indian snack recipe. Ribbon pakoda is also known as ribbon murukku or murukku. Ribbon pakodas are made during festivals or even has a snack. So, the ingredients used in this recipe are rice flour, gram flour, fried gram flour, spices like red chili powder, cumin or sesame seeds are used, salt to taste, oil, butter and water as required.


ribbon pakoda14
Ribbon Pakoda.


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How to make Ribbon Pakoda:

ribbon pakoda
Firstly take a bowl and add in rice flour.


ribbon pakoda1
Add in half a cup gram flour.


ribbon pakoda2
Take a mixer jar and add in bengal gram. Ground them into a fine powder.


Now add in ground bengal gram flour to the mixing bowl.


ribbon pakoda3
Add in sesame seeds.


ribbon pakoda4
Add in red chili powder.


ribbon pakoda5
Salt to taste.


ribbon pakoda8
Add in melted butter.


ribbon pakoda9
Add in required water to form a dough.


ribbon pakoda10
Dough should be soft and non sticky. If it is too hard then sprinkle some water and if the dough is too soft then add some flour. Taste test the dough and add in required amount of salt and red chili powder.


ribbon pakoda11
Grease the mould and fix a ribbon pakoda plate.


ribbon pakoda12
Fill the mould with prepared dough. Then heat a pan and add in required oil, once the oil becomes hot, check by adding small piece of dough to the oil, the dough has to rise immediately. This is the right temperature. Then press the mould directly on the oil.


ribbon pakoda13
Fry on a medium high flame till golden.


ribbon pakoda14
Finally the ribbon pakodas are ready to serve.


Ribbon Pakoda

Ribbon pakoda is a spicy and tasty snack recipe prepared during festive seasons, and even has a snack recipe.

  • Mixing bowl
  • Frying pan
  • Ribbon pakoda mould
  • Bowl
  • 1 cup Rice flour
  • ¼ cup Bengal gram flour
  • 2 tbsp Bengal gram
  • Salt as per taste
  • 1 tsp Red chili powder
  • 2 tsp Sesame seeds
  • Oil for frying
  • ⅛ tsp Hing
  • 1 tbsp Butter or hot oil
  1. Firstly take a mixing bowl and add in rice flour, bengal gram flour, red chili powder, sesame seeds, salt to taste, butter or hot oil and required amount of water.

  2. Give a mix to form a dough. Dough should not be too hard or sticky.

  3. Now take the ribbon pakoda mould and grease it with oil.

  4. Now add in the prepared dough inside the mould.

  5. Then heat a oil and directly press the mould on the hot oil and fry till golden.

  6. Finally the ribbon pakodas are ready to serve.

  1. Ribbon pakodas can be kept in room temperature for 2 weeks in air tight container.
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