Samber and Rasam Recipes

Horse gram/ Hurulikalu Basaru

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Horse gram Sambar or Ulavacharu Recipe (An authentic Andhra Recipe) or Soup Recipe, Ulavalu in Telugu and Kollu in Tamil is a healthy and tasty South Indian Recipe with step by step pictures and instructions are given below. It is a protein rich, low fat, fiber rich and helps to reduce obesity. It is made with horse gram and with some spices. It is a thick, tangy and spicy soup recipe. This soup is good for cold and cough as the horse gram is heat in nature.

Gravy and Curry Recipes

Paneer Masala or Simple Paneer Peas Masala(My Style)

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Paneer is a fresh cheese common in the Indian subcontinent. It is made by curdling milk by adding food acid, such as lemon juice, vinegar, citric acid or dahi (yogurt) to hot milk to separate the curds from the whey. The curds are drained in muslin or cheesecloth and the excess water is pressed out. The resulting paneer is dipped in cold water for 2 to 3 hours to improve its texture and appearance. And placed under a heavy weight such as a stone slab for two to three hours, and then cut into cubes for uses in curries.